Monday, February 09, 2009

Been away for close to a year!! :O

Ok, I jus saw when I was posting a comment on Harsh's new blog this morning, actually jus now, that its almost a year since I'd last posted, although there have been way more compelling reasons to do so than ever. Have I grown all the lazier? (yea, like its even possible!) Is it cos I don't have a comp and net connectivity (doesn't appear so, not from the unabated mail flow with only a fraction from my mobile {what, can't I take a minute here to gloat about my phone's GPRS capapbilities and me actually using it to the hilt, well.. almost :D}) And I can think of a zillion other excuses but am thinking, kinda on the lines of a New Years' resolve, that I would post at least a few lines once every few weeks at the very least. So, here's a quick round of what's been up over the past year. I'll try not to make it too long and if I come up with a detailed post on any, will link it up here.

  1. Hmm... Well, the first big thing was I'd gotten off to actually making some investments as well. Me and Hema (always need someone to push me to get things done, especially ones that're gonna be benefitting (read boring with tons of paperwork, uninteresting people and other related paraphernalia) me in the long run).
  2. Perhaps, I'd not mentioned it, but Sangeetha's blog, led me to her friend Sidin's and its a must stop for everyone - believe me on this one. The guy is hilarious and writes both in your face and so subtle, you gotta go back a coupla times before u realise wat it's about :)
  3. Job shift and consequently moved bag & baggage from Hyd to B'lore; MAQ to McAfee. Loads of things deinitely happened during this time -> I travelled from Hyd's new airport to B'lore's, hated B'lore from the moment I landed, fell in love - completely head over heels with Indiranagar, had some really great food, met new folks, the new workplace, work, coffee machines, the works, and then moved in with Anil... Life hasn't quite been the same for him since!
  4. Ok, I started this on the 9th and went on to like #9, ok kidding, maybe 6-7 atleast and then something snapped - the autosave stopped working properly and then the manual didn't either... :(  Even worse was, I didn't do a ^A+^C+^V+^S (Save the work myself manually) before I closed the window, and chrome, shuts down with no warning when there are multiple tabs open (I miss Firefox)!
  5. The frequent shuttling between Hyderabad and Bangalore and the nasty state National Highways can get and throw in a rickety bus in the monsoons and what do you have - a 16 hour-back-breaking ride back home for rakhi...
  6. My travails without my own wheels.. my hunt for the ideal ones and how I landed my Silver Surfer :D
  7. Disastrous movies at ridiculous prices in not so good multiplexes...
I think I'll pause here and push this out before I lose out again...

James Bond Will Return


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