Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Green Amby

And it has nothing to do with being a non-polluting vehicle or a hybrid or any of the bull.

On the way to the office, when you would as it is be arriving about 23 minutes late to work and u come see a good ol’ Amby in a colour God intended only for parrots of the wild, what would you do ?

  1. Stop, stare for a minute or two; shake your head as to how could anyone even think of buying a vehicle of that colour
  2. Ignore it; you have grown up with your eyes accustomed to Violently violet scooters with Brass handle-grips, 3 different horns, chrome grilles added all around with perhaps strips of something flowing out of both the ends of the handlebar from the neighbourhood old city pasha (no offence, but I actually have a liking for them) and when a magenta Estilo didn’t work you up why would this.
  3. wha.. amby… wat..
  4. who cares, mine is a yellow ambition, and nothing else matters or looks good
  5. “I’m late.. I’m late... why do I feel so sure I have forgotten something… did I burn that ppt as well into the CD… I hope lunch isn’t at Indulge again…”
  6. There’s some space next to it, maybe I can jus squeeze right through it in time to get past the signal’s that’s just turned RED…
  7. “Does my hair look uber cool or is it the new gel working up… Hmm… need to get another rear-view mirror for the bike to get a more complete view of myself…”

Well... coming back to this morning, here is wat I did:

Yes, very conveniently, stopped at the side of the road about 100 metres away from Central, pulled out my SE K750i and… shot it!! :D

In case I manage to start out early tomorrow, I might be able to click something else I wanted to today itself, but… lets have something for tomorrow too, shall we??


At 12:09 AM, Blogger Naresh said...

Surprise... Surprise...


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