Friday, September 15, 2006

T.G.I.F. :D

Thank God / Goodness Its Friday
(and its NOT something I made up myself !!!)

As usual, its morning before u know it, and also, I'm up a good hour and a half AFTER I had initially intended to, but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF.
Sis' got an internal, so she gets the priority on using the baths, and unfortunately, dad is in a hurry too.. but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
Suddenly, (I dunno why this always happens "suddenly") I realise I should've hit the road by now and I hadn't even showered !! I run in and without realising the half-a-bucket of water is only lukewarm unlike the regular piping hot, I turn on the cold water too... and end up taking a cold shower.. Brr.. !! Icing on the cake - its been raining (and me getting wet from the last 2 days), but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
These things happen; wat surprises me is that they all can happen to a single person on the same day and without mercy..., but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
I arrive at work (well yes, college days are unfortuantely behind me now.. :'( ) only 10 minutes late, and find that I have been marked yet another half-day off on a day when I had specifically intimated beforehand I'd be coming in late (doesn't work on a daily basis, unfortunately) and on another, when I had left the day before really late (company policy allows u to come in a li'l late, if u went home late the prev nite), Grr.. but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
well, no interesting forwards today, same old crap from one or the other paranoid orkutters..., and my machine now has Vista.. but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
My work sets off, meandering thru the day, dreaming abt the wonderful slumber I'd be in by this time the next day.. Ah!! the dreams of a fri morning.. TGIF
I think this was once there in a Calvin & Hobbes strip, when Calvin wonders aloud, "You know, life can never get so bad that it cannot become worse !" It was funny, when I'd first read; the irony - now crystal clear.
The comp starts giving problems not all at one go, one, as soon as one is done - almost like a minion of the satan; I'm in an unnaturally forgiving mood today, Fridays have tht effect on u...
My lunch is jus getting pushed down the afternoon; Indulge, the cafeteria in my office (posh, eh ?) serves up chicken Biryani today, something I really look forward to.. a fella returning from lunch tells me the thali is out, and ppl are now onto the Biryanis and other stuff... I try to hurry thru the work, only making meagre progress.. finally when I'm done, another chap calls out and asks me to wait up for him... FINALLY, when I do manage to reach the place, the Biryani is finished. I go in for something they christened Achari Chicken.. It was sweet (Yuck!).. quick lesson - on any given fri afternoon, abandon all work of any priority and grab ure biryani, before all ure left with is Achari Chicken and the likes of it.. but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
I come back, and start preparing to leave for the day.. the weekend... the eternity....
The afternoon wears on slowly, if only I had managed to wake up earlier, I could've driven into work and driven out in the pouring rain.. but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
The dark clouds do not let up any hint as to whether it is 3 or 4 or 6... almost all the things to do for the day are done.. a few, SHOULD always be left for monday morning.. a li'l warm up with familiar things, u know.. so, wat if the "few" things this time around are one too many ?? hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
The final (read nth) countdown starts before I decide it is ethically, morally (poor dev guys, some support I should be extending by sticking around even if I have nothing to do arnd here..) ends and starts again, before I'm convinced I'll not get vicious stares plainly wishing the plague were on me for the weekend.. but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF

My lead steps out of his room, Ah!, now this is fate smiling on me, cuz I was dilly-dallying from a while to hop into his room and bid good-bye.. but now tht he is here..
Am I imagining it or is he heading straight at me ?? well looks like it, but no matter, I'm almost packed and ready to fly (but for the untrained eye, my desk would look the same as it was before - cluttered beyond repair(read Human Capacity))... but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
He walks over to my desk, casts one highly imperceptible (I and I alone shall choiose what I want to percieve and wat I don't want to), disgusted look at my desk, and says, "This just came in the mail, requires urgent attention and despatch. look into it and get back asap.." Grr.. y.. of all the days... of all the people.. hey, he doesn't usually come to me, but, then.. I look around - half teh fellas have taken off from my department... their insensitivity and immorality saving them.. but hey its ok, cuz, TGIF
Well, now when he said a document, he really meant it in the plural, and when he mentioned take-a-look, it meant make on mistake and heads -will-roll, and get back asap could very well take 2 days.. 2 whole days !!.. Suddenly friday has lost all meaning.. all of its charm Grr...


P.S. : Only the last paragraph is fiction, and I'm hoping to take off, before it turns, as it almost always does in my life - to reality


At 12:34 AM, Blogger revatechnic said...

wow first post goes to REVA... TGIF, but technically i am writing this on a Saturday.... TGIS...
hey good to see that you are blogging so often baba... and ironically it has been ages since i have touched my blog.
gotta get down to it...
Anyway, coming back to topic, days like this happen.. and it is really crap you know... but then... everything happens for the better... what say...?
Cheers mate.
Take care.


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