Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Guilty of Engg

Finally the verdict of a four year long trial comes to a close, with the verdict of the last hearing ending on May 9th, 2006 out today, 28th June, 2006. After much mulling by the grand jury of complete morons (how else cd i have passed [:P])has declared the verdict and has convicted the accused, Leela Vinod Kumar K. H. of having completed Engineering. the last standing papers (one of them frm the december of 2003) have all been cleared and now stand mute testimony to the allegation levied. The final verdict is up on the official site of the University :
this is available to the general viewing of the public.

He's now officially chucked out of Vasavi Penitentiary, and will be moved, likely to a safehouse near Madhapur, pending some paperwork.

P.S. : Last heard, the convict is serving a short term in Pondicherry. and shs be bk by early next week...

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