Friday, December 16, 2005

00:00.00 to 23:59.59

Ever had a day tht has been perfect ?? no hitches at all.. nothing going the wrong way... and in fact something really good happening at the end of the day (literally...).. ever at all??? sounds utopian ??? well if someone had posed a similar Q at me, i would have laughed at him or her.. real hard. and if it was still pressed, i would have frankly said tht it wasn't even remotely possible, atleast in my life, right now. Fate seemed to have other plans for me today err.. yesterday. Yesterday ppl was my perfect day..a day with no great achievements to my credit or any other such, but a day i had fun frm 00:00.00 to 23:59.59..

well as usual day started off(the 00:00.00, i was talkin abt) with basically me realaxing officially frm the relief of having got thru the last exam. ever notice how time seems to have jus slowed down leaving u waiting desperately waiting for the moment to come on the last exam day..
anyways, exam over, blues all out and i dint have a care till atlest the sunday.. but hey sunday was4 days away and i really dont anyone actuallly expected me to start worrying abt it yet. so, happily i was reading up the godfather(ya, a looong overdue project.. finally coming to an end).. i got onto the net and voila there's a bunch of ppl actually waiting for me to ome online.. i knew something was up.. nothing wrong but something mite happen bolke (somehow some forward i'd managed to send to the rite number of ppl seemed to have worked :-)). anyways, there was mahesh, me and salil making plans for the morrow.. big one actually - mite even call it ambitious - a meeting of nearly 5-6 of us school fellas.. i jus smiled and told him i was up for anything and ditto frm salil too.. so it was fixed we'd try catchin a movie and lunch or dinner. the plan was to be finalised in the morning when everyone was up(not all of us are like me u know). and then noopur, gibraan and revathi too dropped in. so there i was juggling 3 conversations and a conference in one go...(sorry, to be letting it out.. but i am planning on being a li'l honest on my first post.. atleast). whoa!! its almost 03:03.29 in the morning.. had managed to bug reva till about 5:30 in the morning(her time).. pretty she must have hada bad hair day. khair, so i finaly hit the sack at abt 3:30.. only one thing on my mind where do i make up for my sleep tomm.hmm.. wasn't there a movie plan..?? ya a cosy chair, a/c and dark.. do i need more reasons to pick out a better place ??

Morning dawned again(for me..) bright and sunny.. wait a min this bright ?? watch: 08:30.35(haha) me:*&%^@#@ arrgghhh!!!... i was suppposed to have bin ready, perhaps picked up sridhar(which usu takes nuthin short of an hour... btw) and been at BHEL - 30km frm my place.. in abthaf hour grrr... not really findin anyone to push the blame on... 08:50.49 - dad says sridhar called while i was showering.. he wasnt coming and i was on my own - SHIT no wheels.. ah! dear dad.. he told me i cd have the bike for the day when i told him there was a possibility of mahesh givin his Infy waala treat... things like these can only happen in JIT(Just-In-Time - a philosophy followed to the core by japs in management and ME in a totally different and mostly unproductive way.. later tho abt it). 4 idlis with vada curry later, i dropped dad off at his work. The gives me more monies than he'd meant to and seeing my glowing face said - "fill her up at the Reliance ka filling station.." - my face a li'l dimmer.. i rode away. now my bike has its own ways of cheering me up.. the 200 ka petrol i put reflected in a very happy way in the indicator and i hit the golden stretch of Langer House to BHEL via Tolichowki, Gachibowli and lingampally.. a magnificient stretch of asphalt.. atleast in most parts... Here was the first mast thing of the day.. i was trying to overtake a lorry and found the bike to be pretty perky.. a gentle release and she was soaring past the 40 in the third gear...
i pushed her on to the 50 and shifted to the 4th gear.. all the whike at hi rpms.. and then it flashed to me.. can i get to the magical number ?? the devil got into me and i was his slave totally then.. an evil grin spreading across my face (hey, i cd atleast feel it), i shifted to 3rd and revved her up to get going... and then at abt 55 eased er into the fourth.. and at a li'l over 70 into the 5th.. goosebunps sprouted all over as i hit the 85+.. the max i was doin in the last few months... c;mon baby.. a 90+.. up ahead was a clear wide stretch for abt a haf km.. jus preseding the stadia. the entire traffic was running in the left extreme.. it was like god too wanted to see the needle jump across the triple digit figure... adrenaline pumping i raised on the throtle.. a 95..
i bent down towards the console.. there was still abt 300m left..
97.. now man and machine were one..
98.. i seemed to understand my beast totally; and she.. me
99... my heart and the engine seemed to be thumping at the same rate now..
almost there.. almost.. ow so close.. and ... a 100
and moving.. i glanced arnd and the needle was still shooting, but there were other things requiring greater attention.. the road at a 100+ is an awesome breath taker.. u have to be there to see it.. the white and black lines are all merged into one solid blurr.. the road seems to be jumping out at u.. and the world in general looks like its shown in the fast and the furious.. with NOS... my baby had performed.. i eased her down to a steady 65 and reached lingampally.. i had missed a turn somehwere and was in unchartered, unknown realms of bad roads asking for directiond to get to BHEL.. 10:49.50 - BHEL.. i call up a fella ad he tells class had broken for lunch. i caught up with him at the canteen. i really couldn't eat a lunch with cuz basically :
1. r ya nuts ?? i mean ppl at BHEL in this are.. o ya.. lunch at 11:00 - 11:30 types ?? dats plain crazy for even normal ppl.. let alone me
2. i had had idlis wid vada curry (slurrrp) jus abt an hour ago... i cudn't polish off a solid meals then..
well turns out i could.. so fed again, i get bk into the testing area.. and here lemme spare u a lot of stuff which ur probably not interested in - turbines and my proj(which btw has been evoking my interests frm the time i signed up at BHEL); maybe in a lter post... to put it very very frankly.. it jus kick-ass..

so, once out of there, i get to naresh's place(surprisingly having turned into the wrong galli jus once.. hmm i am improving)... now here he offered me some murukku and juice.. now i was already bursting at the seams.. now this.. but how can i ever say no to something naresh's aunt makes ?? (In fact one of the prime reasons for the "strong bond" between and me is his mum's amazing culinary skills.. one of the thing i never want to learn to say no to...)
back on the bike(after a short ahem... "class"), naresh and me are on our way to mahesh's place. roping ketan in we reached richie rich, sindi colony(do i have to elaborate y..) and an hour's wait later 9 of us are there.. 9!!! including darsheel and narsingam.. anyways, we moved frm there to eatstreet - mine and narsesh's first time there. really had no clue tank bund had this side to it too.. literally... Ah!! more food. now y was i being happy happy abt it ?? Again two reasons:
1. I'd jus had some "snacks" at mahesh's place (another friend on the same lines of naresh - but mahesh's grandma is probably the expert around here..)
2. food was ridiculously pricey to my taste atleast..
khair after that we went to "rasranjan" -- ice creams. ok frankly now who expectem me to be typing in more wonderings as to y i was shamelessly preparing myself to ho again.. its ice cream goddammn it. there is no room absolutely for complaining or reasoning.. so two scoops of ice creams, abt an hour of camping there and the store owners cold stares later we shifted base to sandeep's place, dropping naresh at paradise en route(he seriously must have been bugged - most of the ppl and stuff v talke abt were alien to him.. but i guess there was sandeep too - awesome genius at making anyone feel at home in his company)... still another good two hours of re-living our good old school days later(.. which i think deserves a dedicated post here as well as in the grp).. we parted ways. Ah! home, sweet home 22:48.23

Now, having broken all zanjeer holding me frm finally makin my post(which took about three hours lazing arnd doing nuthing basically).. here's my very first post on my blog...

P.S.: ya sorry abt the length and letting out a few details, but if someone actually reads the whole c*** here and posts a comment(unlike stuff of indicated nature:
mindlessly scrolling down the entire post and leaving a comment abt the length only...)....


At 8:36 PM, Blogger revatechnic said...

Woah... nice stuff on the blog.. hahaha.

Hey is your bike a male of a female?
"i pushed her on to the 50 and shifted to the 4th gear.. all the whike at hi rpms.. and then it flashed to me.. can i get to the magical number ?? the devil got into me and i was his slave totally then..

Anyway, loved it when you described the way your bike gave an adrenaline pumping performance.
Woah.. but of course, I wasn't too happy of you riding at that speed.
Gotta be careful ya?

Naresh's mum's culinary skills?? Tell me about it.. she amazed me with just on meal. She's like real good.

Great news all you plans fell in place, and you gotta see all your frens.

Erm..well...happy that I was part your blog too...just that I don't understand the part about me having a bad hair day. Would I if i sleep at 5.30 am?

Oohh.. got you bug my fren.
I think my comment will turn out longer than your blog if I don't stop here.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Saraswathi said...

that was a good start to the blog..and yeah the day exams get over is always perfect.

At 12:10 PM, Blogger Leela Vinod Kumar said...

most machines are feminine - c, tech and gals dont really go down tht well together.. anywys, the her is the bike, and the his is the devil.. looks like ur way too stressed out and to top it all i unleashed this blog on the world on ure bad hair day..

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Leela Vinod Kumar said...

@ saras,
thank u.. it was actually the day after the exams.. and ya the dayz after the exams are the BEST.. esp the opening day..

hey btw how come u NEVER mentioned to me u had a safari in ur stable, eh ??.. thts real awful.. anyways, wat else is happ ??

At 1:53 PM, Blogger Naresh said...

Namaste anna... juz a couple of days ago i came here thru a comment n hr was a page nt found error! n 2de, thrz this almost longest blog i ever read! :P
arey in fact i felt i missd the conversation later, i was njoin when ppl wr pullin anil's leg :D! lukin fwd 2 nxt get2gthr!

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Naresh said...

arey mama... i want to know abt ur kick-ass proj! post sth soon...

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Naresh said...

em roi! blogger meedane unnatunnav... aa kottha blog endiro! wtng 4 it... thondaraga post chey aa brk ke baad lo!

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Leela Vinod Kumar said...

@ Naresh,

endi raa, blogroll laaga commentroll eh ??

anyways, i was wondering if u were feelinng a bit outta place, not getting most of wat was being talked abt, but when i took one look at ure face when sandeep had asked me to move my foot, and said "thoo.. nee batuku..." and u were in splits, i knew, u were not completely bored..

anyways... i took a long break frm it meself.. shd be up in a while..

At 10:46 PM, Blogger annu said...

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At 10:46 PM, Blogger annu said...




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