Monday, September 25, 2006

T.G.I.F. - Re-loaded

Never fake soooo close to reality cos it has a very bad habit of all coming true and sometimes.. actually almost always, in greater magnitude.. as I found out the hard way.
Last friday, I was almost euphoric (without any chemical aid) - another hard-earned friday (well, waiting desperately does count as hard work !!), another happy weekend teeing off.. a decent post on my blog...

well, little did I know, someone from upstairs thot I should actually have a taste of life at office on weekends too... so, there I was happily drowned in sweet slumber, with no care for the world - not the least for the office, and the chaps who come and slog there on saturdays.. I didn't someone was calling me.. saturday mornings are exclusive sleeping times.. not even for picking up calls and teling them you'd get back once ure up later in the day.. but there's this persisitent caller, perseverent enough to have shaken you out of your sleep.. now this chap deserves to be answered atleast to be shouted - grumbling at is only for the regular days. unknown number - a chap from the office (I recognise after he repeats his name thrice and I a distant cubicle floats in hazily). the usual sup from me, my mind already waking up - this chap NEVER calls, wats it now, and there are a few missed calls - unlike my Nokia, u can view tht in my Sony Ericson.. wat could he want from me ?
"You need to be in the office in half hour !!" If this is his sense of humour, I was ready to hunt him down to the end of earth and give him a piece of my mind - almost ready to devote an entire weekend to tht end. nevertheless, I tell him I'll be right over. I chk the missed call - a lead from the office !!! I call him back - he confirms my worst fears (ya, going to the office for one weekend itself was my worst fear), the chap wasn't lying...
I haul myself out of the bed, profusely apologising to my body... an hour later I find myself entering one of the conf rooms - shock chilles my spine as I take in the room filled with the head honchos. something tells me(I think some would want to call it instinct) this is only a trailer to a bigger drama about to unfold. As the top chaps deliver teh presentation with clinical precision, my head reels with the onslaught of news - one after teh other like a, like a... Only my good friend RDG can fill this loss of words for an astounding comparison. O, btw, I actually happened to arrive before him - an unprecedented event which definitely bode no good.
At the end of a few hours, I understood tht atleast for several of the coming weeks, a saturday or even an occasional sunday, I'd be coming into the office like it were any other day..

This doesn't mean I'd hate mondays any lesser, or I'd love fridays any lesser one jus signifies there's possibly only one more day to go before the Sabbath, and the other tht, well, again to quote from the master piece of Bill Watterson Calvin - "Life can Never get so bad, that it cannot get worse.."

But then again, I think, I should NOT sign off on a pessimistic note even mazaak mein, coz, my situation could also be directly blamed to tht, So long as u can

Aaj kare so kal kar, kal kare so Parso;
Itni bhi kya jaldi hai, jab jeena hai Barso...

and a very Soni Kudi from my office happens to concur too... :D


At 8:14 PM, Blogger mahesh said...

who is the soni kudi?
i thot ur office has ppl who eat shock

At 10:55 PM, Blogger annu said...

Aaj kare so kal kar, kal kare so Parso;
Itni bhi kya jaldi hai, jab jeena hai Barso...

very much living upto your own lines :))) kudooosssssss vinoddd :)

At 10:56 PM, Blogger annu said...

your mehfil-e-aam :)))

so trueeeee its just aaam baaat :)


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