Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kick-Starting II yr @ MAQ

Well, as of today, I have started off on my second year @ MAQ.
In celebration, we'd many rounds of the usual kicking each other, which I think has become a trifle too chronic and isn't really good for the general health of.. well, u get the point rgt...

A round of Appies / Frooties and others and pictures in our "attires" (please hit the link for foolproof evidences)
followed by a smashing lunch @ Novotel (Oh, you have got to go check it out sometime) and rounded off with 3 cakes!!!
I never knew eggless cakes would taste fine (well, after a high of kicking a bunch of others (I have gotta stop this (and I should avoid making nested parentheses(:P) inside other parentheses)of kicking people). Plus it washes off easy (Yea, somehow Vinay couldn't resist showing off his love for me or his staunch belief in QT's Anonymous Proverb - Revenge is a dish best served cold; or the fact that I was telling him not to light the fuse for the cake-rubbing dynamite (and its dangerously contagious(What is the matter with me?? I need to stop this nested thing..))).

So, to sum it up, two days of kicking each other, heaving junta (yea, took some effort - first, everyone seemed to have put on weight totally disproportionate to a timeframe of a mere year; second, fitness has become history with the convenience of biking from doorstep to doorstep and the staircase being used for the once-in-a-year fire drill; and not to forget, we're not the young guys, we've been, I mean face it, hum boodhe hogaye.. ab hum college ke bachche nahi rahe.. (waaaaah :((((( (You have GOT to excuse this one instance (Damn! too long in IT).. I mean this once) )) and yea a bumper lunch and 3 cakes from Midways... All in all, a really smashing way to "Kick-Start" the second year in all senses.. :D

and for all those who missed out, well, wat can I say, we were taken by suprise, rather shock ourselves.. :)

For More pics, get here. At the moment they're taking forever to load and on stretching they're getting all blurred; so will update them later and also yea, this album will be updated in the near future.

O, and btw, the saga continues... :)



At 12:07 AM, Blogger Naresh said...

May god save the company that has paid u for an year n still continues to, without expecting and getting ANYTHING in return!

At 11:15 AM, Blogger revatechnic said...

hahaha... nice naresh.. cool... hey i love the pics, and am glad you are like kinda actively back to the blogging world...
great news kanna, but you have yet to call me.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger annu said...


At 11:08 PM, Blogger annu said...



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